The foundations of our behaviour

1. Integrity uprightness; honesty; purity
Integrity is the core principle upon which all others are based; without integrity, the other principles become worthless.

2. Purpose the goal towards which our efforts are directed
Purpose sets our intentions. It is the catalyst for our behaviour, the consequence of our actions, and our true north.

3. Confidence trust; faith; self-assurance
Belief in our ability and trust in one another is fundamental to our progress, while confidence in our process is necessary to remain steadfast in its application.

4. Discipline self-control and an ordered way of life
Discipline is a prerequisite for success. Without discipline, we will not realise our full potential.

5. Persistence tenacity; dedication; determination
Persistence is essential to reach ambitious goals and to persevere through tough times.

6. Courage the ability to meet danger without succumbing to fear
Courage enables us to face difficulty head on and ensures we act in accordance with our beliefs, even when confronted by criticism.

7. Patience to endure suffering calmly whilst remaining resolute in our objectives
Patience is instrumental in our decision-making process; without patience, it is likely we would act foolishly and make rash decisions.

8. Humility modesty; insignificance; respect
Humility ensures we remain aware of our place in the order of things and seek always to express ourselves through the good service we provide others.

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